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DS: Angelic Pretty, Meta, Heart E!

• I ship from the U.S. and I prefer not to ship internationally, but I definitely can if the buyer is willing to pay the extra shipping costs.
• Shipping is included in the price (U.S. only)
• Paypal only. All transactions charge a 2.9%+.30 fee
• If you do not purchase insurance I will not be responsible for lost items. (Insurance for expensive items is highly recommended!)
• Items go to the first person that can pay full price or best offer.
• No refunds. Items go to the first person that can pay full price or best offer.
I have feedback on the dbs! :)

AP Canotier
$23 shipped

AP Royal Poodle OP
Bust: 32in - 38in
Waist: 26in - 31in
Length: 34in

OP is in great to new condition. It comes with the original fabric swatch! The back is partially shirred and there is an adjustable corset in the back and front.
Price: $185
Shipping: $5

Heart E plaid Jsk

Bust: 26in - 39in
Waist: 27in - 32.5in
Length: 36in

This jsk is in great condition (never worn by me)! It has partial shirring in the back and the straps are shirred.
Price: $81 shipped

Meta Girly Note High Waist Pinafore Dress
bust 94 - 103cm (37.0 - 40.5in)
waist 74 - 82cm (29.1 - 32.2in)
length 92cm (36.2in) + lace

This dress is in great condition (never worn by me) and is partially shirred.
Price: $140 shipped

If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way!

Thanks so much for looking! :D

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, heart e, metamorphose

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