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DS: Angelic Pretty & Baby, the Stars Shine Bright-- HUGE PRICE REDUCTION

* I accept paypal. (I ask the customer take up the 5% paypal fee)
* Shipping varies, please ask for details.
* If you would like a tracking number and/or shipping insurance, you will have to pay extra as that is not included in what I consider "standard" shipping. Residents outside the US cannot be given tracking because the US Postal Service does not offer that option. Please inquire for extras if you will be requiring them!

* I AM WILLING TO HAGGLE! Just make a reasonable offer!

Angelic Pretty Pastel a la Mode Skirt

Price: $290 $200 (Down $90!!)
Size: Anywhere from 25in~29in in the waist, I'd say.
Condition: Perfect. However, this is a rather old AP piece. Purchased for $300, worn once or twice, condition still as good as when I purchased it.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright My Favourite Things PINK skirt

Price:$274 $185 (Almost $100 cheaper!!)
Size: Can probably go about 29-30in max in the waist, fitting all smaller sizes.
Condition: Perfect, only worn 2 or 3 times, no visible damage.

Angelic Pretty RED cake cutsew

Price:$89 $65 (Down more than $20!)
Size: Fairly large, can likely fit at least up to a 36-37in in the bust.
Condition: Perfect, never worn, only tried on.

Angelic Pretty Parfait Cutsew

Price: $105 $69 (Down more than $25!!)
Size: About 32in~36in in the bust, pretty free in the waist.
Condition: Brand new, only tried on once. Purchased for around $160.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright White flats

Price: $104 $79 (Down $25!!)
Size: LL
Condition: Some minor damage on front of both shoes, as shown above. Also some damage on the laces--however, this lace damage was on the shoes when I got them brand new, and is just an aspect of plastic sitting next to metal grommets. Scuffing damage not too visible in person. Worn 2-4 times.
***The shoe bow clips are included, I just couldn't find them when I took this photo! :3***

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Blue pumps

Price: $124 $89 (Down $35!!)
Size: L.
Condition: Worn about 2 times, mostly indoors. No visible damage on upper part of shoes, slight wear on bottom.

Again, feel free to haggle, and please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for looking, and have a wonderful rest of your day!❤

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