Senseless (ni_chan87) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS! Metamorphose, Bodyline and Offbrand!

Hey girls, I'm still selling some items here.
This is a repost after 2 weeks. Everything is reduced for at least 20%

Please note that I do have a cat but will try to remove every hair.
Buyer covers shipping and paypal fees.
All prices excluding shipping.
I have +7 feedback on loligothdbs and 125 on ebay.
I will consider offers and trades, just ask.
No refunds or returns, this is a private sale.
I will consider holds.
Item goes to the person who leaves their paypal first.
Payment only via paypal except you're from Germany.

Please make sure you've read the terms.

Metamorphose ivory Candy House Headbow

Bought from closet child, never used
15€ plus shipping

Metamorphose blue Cherry Gingham Headbow

Bought off the salescomm, but headbows just look riddiculous on me. Never worn.
15€ plus shipping

Bodyline mint Skirt

Worn once but not my style. Waist fits 65-73 cm
15€ plus shipping

Bodyline blue Bag

Used once for a meetup.
8€ plus shipping

Offbrand smoky pink Blazer

The color is much more brighter and pinky-ish than on the pictures.
Purchased it off the sales_comm but unfortunately is too wide on me.
8€ plus shipping

If you have any questions please feel free to aks! :)
Tags: !ds, bodyline, metamorphose, offbrand

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