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DS - Angelic Pretty Glitter Trump OP + free AP bow !

No money for christmas presents means.... closet cleaning!
I really really love my Glitter Trump onepiece but I only wore it 2 or 3 times and I guess someone else will have more fun with it. Its in perfect condition and has been stored in a loving smoke free home.

Image Source

The Apron is removable and can be used seperately~ the print is super glittery and it even has pockets, how nice. XD
Also, I'll include this hairbow for free:

Its from another Angelic Pretty collection (but I'm not sure which one >< sorry) but fits perfectly... I allways wore it with that dress and nobody noticed.
However, it seems to be sewn on in a weird angle so I allways needed some time to arrange it with my hair correctly.... or maybe I'm just stupid. However, its free.

Image Source


Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Price including shipping to europe:

130 euro

If you need any measurements, detailed pictures or the shipping to anywhere else on the planet: ask!!


thanks for looking <33
merry, merry christmas everyone!
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