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DS/DT: BtSSB Parasol & Secret Shop Shoes, AP replica necklaces, Corset skirt, offbrand, wig

Photobucket[Without flash]Photobucket[With flash]
[Retroscope Fashions Corset skirt, Size UK16, US14]
[Worn once, so it's in GREAT condition.]
[Measurements according to Retroscope Fashion website:
(Falls under size 'Medium')
Bust: 36-38 inches, 91-96 centimeters
Waist: 28-30 inches, 71-76 centimeters
Hips: 38-40 inches, 96-101 centimeters]
$32 shipped within the US


[Myself wearing the wig. Please excuse the non-Lolita outfit as this was worn to Renn-Faire x.x]
[Long brown wavy wig]
[Has been worn quite a bit so it's a little mussed. Still nice looking though :D Paid $30 for it, but letting it go for cheap.]
$13 shipped within the US

PhotobucketPhotobucketThey are all made the same size, so they would look like this when worn ^^.
[Assorted headbows]
$10 shipped within the US
Red polka dot - SOLD
Black x Black - Available
Blue polka dot - Available
Blue tartan - Available
Black & Pink polka dot - Available

[Angelic Pretty REPLICA choker]
[Ribbon ties in the back of your neck :3]
$16 OBO

[BtSSB Parasol, WHITE]
[Beautiful parasol, but I don't really have any white in my wardrobe -_-.]
Would LOVE to trade for one in BLACK, or I will sell for $50 shipped OBO within the US

[Fan+Friend bloomers, WHITE]
[I would recommend a girl taller than 5'3" wear this as it's too long on me ^^;. Elasticized waist!]
$15 shipped within the US

[BtSSB replica necklace]
[As with all handmade jewelry, please handle carefully ^^]
$6 shipped within the US

[Angelic Pretty replica necklace]
[As with all handmade jewelry, please handle carefully ^^]
$6 shipped within the US

[Secret Shop (Cake?) Cork Wedge Heel Sandals, size US 8-8.5]
[Worn to a convention, but kept in GREAT condition. No scuffs as far as I can tell.]
Prefer to trade these for other shoes in the SAME SIZE, or I will sell for $50 OBO shipped within the US

[Plush strawberry purse]
[Meant to be worn messenger style. Perfect for a sweet lolita ^_^]
$15 shipped within the US


- PAYPAL preferred (well-concealed cash MUST be sent out in a timely manner or you will be banned from buying from me. Not only is it rude to the seller, but also to other potential buyers who ARE able to pay on time.)
- If you do not like the price, feel free to make a REASONABLE offer.
- I ship from US 89134.
- Please understand that US buyers take PRIORITY over international buyers. International buyers, please be willing to pay $7-$15+ for shipping! I try to send by AirMail to save both myself and the buyer shipping cost, but some 'heavier' items will only go by EMS/Priority Mail ($20 for shipping).
- I am MORE than happy to combine shipping on multiple purchases and often lower the 'total' price of your purchase :3
- I have feedback on the loligoth_dbs and other feedback can be found here: http://chiizukeekisan.livejournal.com/7155.html#cutid1

Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, fanplusfriend, offbrand, secret shop

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