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Dresses and more dresses (and a few other things) by METAMORPHOSE and INNOCENT WORLD

I have far too much crazy Japanese clothing in my wardrobe so here goes! All items are for sale in £'s Pounds Sterling to convert please use I take paypal as payment. Trades are not welcome at this time unless your dress is black or red or you own this top: or this cape: I also collect Meta Kimono prionted dresses - and I'm missing a couple :) No holds please, from experience 90% of people who request a "hold" fail to pay (which is why I still have some of this stuff). Sorry! First to pay gets it. I'll ship overseas if you like but will only use "Air Sure" because it is safest (like EMS), so appolgies for the shipping costs in advance - it's for your benifit honestly. Within the UK I'll use special delivery for all items ovwer £30 becuase that's what you're ment to do, especially since the postal strikes! All measurement are amature and taken by me in inches. I do my best, but I'm not perfect. I wear about a UK size 10 (US6, EU36-38. B=36 W=26 H=37ish) and 5'8" and everything fits me (unless stated) me fine or is on the larger size (since that's what waist ties are for.) I am rarely at home so are ususally unable to take futher measurements and photo's, sorry for that but I'm sure you can work thenm out. I'm quite old, and have been buying these clothes for years, hence some of the designs are quite "vintage" for many.

Metamorphose Goblien Underbust dress (red) £45 (US postage £12 UK-£6) SOLD & SHIPPED 
Worn once for an evening, straps can be buttoned straight if you are tall or crossed over at the back if you are shorter. Bust Free. Waist 24-29" (elsatic and ties at the back). Length (shoulder to hem with straps straight) 37"

Metamorphose Tall sized blouse in that colour that isn't white or cream. £38 (US postage £10 UK-£5) Never worn - just tried on since I got the wrong size. I still have th tags. Bust 37-41" Waist 34-37" Length (shoulder to hem) 24.5" Sleeve(outside) 24" (27" with lace) Shirring ans waist ties to the back

Metamorphose Kimono Print Dress (Black) £45 (US postage £12 UK-£6) SOLD & SHIPPED 
Old design but still in great condition. A-line shape (although on the one I'm keeping (purple) I have moved the ties to waist level so it doesn't look so A-Line and it works well) Bust 36-39.5 (shirred section) Waist Free Length 37 (buttons on shoulder straps can be moved to make it a little longer/shorter.) This dress is not meant to be fitted.

Also selling the same dress in red £50 for this (STILL AVAILABLE IN RED!).

Metamorphose (very) LONG vintage bouquet print dress. £40 Postage £12 UK-£6) SOLD! & SHIPPED 
I think that this is part of the first bouquet print series ever made by Meta (?). As far as I remeber it also came in a darkish blue and green. This has cream lace and is in excellent condition. I have just worn this a handful of times to the parks in the summertime. Bust 35-37, Waist up to 32" (has waist ties to make it much smaller) Length 51". There is no shirring at the back - it has a few buttons instead.
More Pictures:

Metamorphose Goblein Pritnt OP (blue) £55 (US postage £13 UK-£6) SOLD 
This is another old design, and proabably a bit too er "old school" loli for most tastes, but oh well...I love this print. Bust 35-36" (no stretch), Waist 24-29" (corset ties on the back) Length 35-37" sleve length 23" (25.5" with lace)
More pictures:

Metamorphose Pink Bouquet Print Dress £60 (US postage £10 UK-£5). SOLD I have worn tihs as a both a costume and to a "goth club" (now cleaned of course!) Thereis not shirring but the waist ties and ribbon ties at the front make it not necessary. The lace on this is really really soft. Bust 25-39", waist 24-29", Length 35" (37inc lace) 3/4 sleeve 23" (25.5" inc lace) More pictures: OMG! A picture of it being worn! NSFW (hand swearing)

Angelic Pretty Replica £25 (US postage £7 UK-£4) This will be via airmail/recorded SOLD & POSTED 
This is a great replica actually, the fabric is nice good quality cotton and the lace is too :) the bows are stiff, well made and keep their shape well. It's a lovely flattering shape. Bust - 35-39 (the back is shirred and laced) Waist 28" Length 34"

Metamorphose Velvet Set (jacket and skirt) - sold as set £72 (US postage £18 UK-£10) The skirt comes with an underskirt and the lace on the bottom of the Jacket is detachable. I have the headbow to this set too whcih I can throw in. The jacket has one button missing. It's the top one. I never noticed becuase I never do this button up, it looks better without and more open at the top imho. The jacket has corset ties in the back and sleeves and the skirt has crown embroidiery. Jacket - bust 32-36/7, waist 24-29 Skirt waist 24-27. Back: Skirt: More:

Innocent World hat £30 (US postage £10 UK-£5) SOLD Well, it's a hat...and it's very pretty too. Lots of nice lace and a thick ribbon to fasten under the chin, also cosy and warm. Sorry about the bad picture. It's very black usually.

Metamorphose Heart Pocket JSK (navy blue with polkadots) £45 (US postage £12 UK-£6) This is a cute dress which works for a sweet look as well as a more 50's style with peep toes and the right accessories. Bust 34-39.5" (back is shirred) waist 25-31" (pretty wide waist ties to pull it in, and flattering also)

Metamorphose Black Velvet 2 piece set £55 (US postage £15 UK-£8) Velvet bodice fastens with a side zip and corset ties at the back. The skirt is below the knee (the longer version), and the hook has been moved along 1 inch since I leant it to someone and made it more comfortable for them. Bodice (bust 34-39) Waist 25-28 Skirt Waist 24-28"

Metamorphose Black OP with detachable accessories £65 .(US postage £12 UK-£5) This is a Kera colaboration dress they made a few years ago. I loved it becuase it was so versatile. You can remove the collar, broach and waist panles. Bust 36", Waist up to 32" (you can use the waist panel with corset ties to make it smaller), length including lace 35" Details details:

Metamorphose headdress £10 (US postage £7 UK-£3.50) Double layer of lace (soft)

I may also have these availbale Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes in Red. I need to check on these. Too Many sales fallen through for these shoes, it's llike a curse, so serious buys only please or I'm sending them to the Savation Army charity! They already find my lolita donations amusing D: SOLD TO THE LADY" There you are. Please excuse any mistakes! Thanks for looking :)

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