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DS:Bodyline blouse,gothic shoes montreal

Hello girls, I would like to sell these things. I sell them because ,though I like them, I do not use them and it's a shame to have them for nothing.
-I sell this Blouse of bodyline, to 25 euros (or better price but understand that I had to pay the awful customs) for which I it used just three times, almost new, I sell it because I am flat and have to press so much the shirring that I do not like how it fit me.

-GothicShoes of montreal, 38 euro size(24 japanese size,7,5-8 USA size), used them three times exactly becouse I don't like gothic lolita too much. I sell them to 35 Euros (50 USD). they came to my house like wrinkled on the one side, this one is the photo:

I know I don't have any feedback becouse I deleted my jorunal, but If you have any question to make me, feel free to ask me ^__^ I prefer european or spanish buyers becouse shipping in other countries can be very expensive and price didn't included shipping.For spanish buyers

Thank you for watching
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