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DS: Metamorphose Velveteen Jacket, Offbrand Items

Hi, I'm starting to sell off the few lolita items I have because my devotion is sort of waning and I really need the money for other things. ><

I will ship internationally. Prices do not include shipping.
I only accept Paypal, and buyer covers any CC fees.
Feel free to barter, or ask questions!
I have feedback on the dbs.

Metamorphose Velveteen Cameo Jacket (Dark Red color)

My Photo: http://pupe.ameba.jp/item/QfZ_NlzcrmKE/74Jq-uAboDYN/

Price: $50 USD

Size: M
It fits me but it's not too tight, and I'm 32-25-35?

It's probably my favorite item but I don't see when I'll be wearing it again.


Offbrand Knee-High Socks

Close-up Grey: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v348/vicki777/sell_socks1a.jpg
Close-up Dark Red: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v348/vicki777/sell_socks1b.jpg

They're a blend of rayon or polyester/cotton so they're almost... silky knit? The detail shows up on the back of the leg.

Price: $10 USD for one pair

Tags: !ds, metamorphose, offbrand
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