shergyan (shergyan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Looking for SILKBRAID (if you are, or you know her, help us, please!)

Hello ladies!

I bought an IW blouse from Silkbraid ( on November, 29.
It was paid the same day (75 USD), and she said that she would ship it out during the coming week. Here´s the link of the sale:

Since that day she hasn´t answered neither my private messages or my emails to her paypal adress (
I don´t know if she has shipped the items but it´s been 15 days since I paid her and I don´t have any kind of information, so I´m really worried.

Two days ago, another user, Eiko chan 90, wrote me a PM because she was in the same situation (please, include the links of the sale when you read the post). She bought from her a 200USD skirt, and today has no information about the shipment of the item.

If you are Silkbraid, please, write us to solve this because it´s a really unpleasant situation.
And to the rest of the community: please, if anyone know her, told her to contact us. Any kind of information would be useful and welcome.

Is there any user who has bought from her recently?
We´ll remove this post as soon as everything is solved, we don´t want to disturb anyone.I have put this post in the egl community also. If the mods think it´s inappropiate, I´m sorry, and please, feel free to delete it.

Thanks a lot for your help and reading.

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