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DS: Angelic Pretty, Baby, and more!

Hello everybody,

Im selling some stuff that i just dont wear anymore, hope you like it!
Shipping from Spain.
I can ship worldwide.
I accept trades.
Only paypal.
Write me and i can tell you the total price with shipping.

MomoJ Lavander JumperSkirt
60 Euros + ship
Size: Bust 95-100 Waist 70-78

título o descripción

Angelic Pretty Rare Print, Pink Strawberry summer OP
100 Euros + ship
Size: Bust 90-110 Waist 65-90

título o descripción

Baby the Stars Shine Bright pink BunnyCutsaw
50 Euros + ship
Size: Bust 90-100

título o descripción
Tags: !ds, *plus size, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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