hachi_snow (hachi_snow) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Very Cheap offbrand items! Classic and sweet lolita sets!

I live in Italy.
Shipping will be calculated after knowing your country.
I accept paypal.
International buyers are welcome.
I accept payment ONLY in euros.

First set:

[Repost with 20% reduction]

Handmade cake skirt. It doesn't have elastic waist, and it measures 70 cm. Lenght: 50 cm without lace.
Bag and socks are gifts!
Price: 48 euros OBO

Second set:

Classic lolita set. Offbrand skirt , with elastic waist. From 60 cm to max 74.
The shirt, the socks and the headband are gifts!
Price: 25 euros OBO.

Third set:

Another classic lolita set. The skirt is handmade by a tailor with over 50 years of experience. It will fit a waist from 60 to 75 cm.
Socks (with signs of wear, I will try to clean them better before sending) and cutsew are gifts!
Price: 30 euros OBO.

Sorry for my bad english :)
Tags: handmade, offbrand

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