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DS: Blouses, cutsews, skirts, socks... Brand and offbrand!

¤ I ship from Sweden, buyer pays for shipping
¤ Prices are in Euro and US dollars
¤ I accept Paypal (or bank transfer if you're in Sweden)
¤ I've got feedback as a buyer on ebay http://myworld.ebay.com/leiulfsrud
and as a seller on the LoliGoth Database http://www.loligothdbs.com/tag/zombiemaiden/
¤ If you have a question, please comment to this post or email me at linnseluns [at] gmail [dot] com, don't PM (to avoid confusion)
¤ All the measurements are the measurements of the GARMENT
¤ All the measurements are in centimeters

Innocent World - BlackxWhite Crown print highwaist skirt with bustle
Worn twice, as new.The print features crowns, roses and keys. It's got a corset waist with
lacing in the back, and a black bustle.
Total length: 63 cm Skirt length: 55 cm Waist: 54~68
100 Euro / 146 USD



Print detail and more accurate depiction of the colours

Bodyline - BlackxWhite skirt
Worn once, as new. It's got a small built-in petticoat, and waist bands. Very good quality for being Bodyline.
Total length: 57 Skirt length: 52 Waist: 54~72
30 Euro / 43 USD


Baby the stars shine bright - White Bunny-ear Long-sleeved Cutsew
Worn once, as new.
Bust: 75~90 cm Waist: 70~80 Length shoulder to hem: 49 cm
50 Euro / 73 USD

Baby the stars shine bright - BlackxWhite longsleeved cutsew
Only tried on, as new. The lace and buttons feature teddy bears, and
the collar is a square sailor collar in the back~
Bust&waist: 60~95 Length shoulder to hem: 45 cm
25 Euro / 36 USD

Bodyline - BlackxPink Alice silhouette cutsew with detachable sleeves
Worn twice, As new. The silhouette print is light pink and glittery, not SHINYYY and reflective
like in this picture, haha, the flash did that. It's got detachable sleeves, and cross straps for the neck.
Bust&waist: 70~90 (it's really stretchy so it can be stretched quite a bit more, but I'm
not sure how that would look with the print) Sleeve length w. detachable sleeves attached: 53 cm
20 Euro / 30 USD

Bodyline - White long-sleeved blouse
Worn twice, as new. It's got lacing in the back, and the quality is very good for being Bodyline.
Bust: ~72~88 Waist: ~64~78 Sleeve length: 56 cm
25 Euro / 36 USD

Since my photo isn't the best, here is Bodylines stock photo
for the black version of the same blouse. Note that mine is
white, this is just for details!

Fan plus Friend - White highneck blouse with detachable sleeves
Only tried on, brand new with tags. As you'll notice, with these measurements, this is best for someone tall and thin.
Bust: 75~83 cm Waist: 60~65 Length (top of collar to hem): ~55 cm Sleeves (armpit to hem): ~53 cm including lace
25 Euro / 36 USD

Offbrand - WxW, BxW & BxB socks
Only tried one of the black ones on, never worn. I only sell all 3 pairs as a set.
They're some kind of half length, so they can either be worn as regular ankle socks, or halfway up the calf
(or as knee-highs if you have very thin and/or short legs, they do stretch quite a bit, so they're not as short as in the photo when worn)
Foot-wise I'd say they'd fit a European size 35~40. The socks themselves might not fit very broad calves,
but if you're planning to use them as ankle socks they're probably one-size-fits-all.
All 3 pairs for 10 Euro / 14 USD


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