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DS: Meta op and socks, bodyline shoes, offbrand cupcake bag

I would to sell my stuff within few days because I'll leave in the next weekend for Japan.
This is my first sale post, I hope I did it in the right way ^_~

☆ Prices are without shipping
☆ European buyers only
☆ Please ask me before for the shipping rates to your country
☆ I accept only paypal

♥ Metamorphose redxwhite stripes OP (back shirring with built-in petticoat).

bust: from 90cm to 100cm but I think it will go up again due to shirring.
waist: from 70-75cm to 95cm
New with tag, never worn.

Price: 90€

back~ (sorry for my messy hair XD)

It also has 3 red detachable bows on the front.
(if you see strange shadows on the pic don't worry, I took the photo in front of a very ancient mirror ;D)

♥ Metamorphose pink overknee socks, new, without tag.

Price: 15 €

♥ Black Bodyline shoes, new never worn.
Size: Eur 38

Price: € 22

♥ Cupcake nylon bag, new with tag.
size: 31 cm large, 22,5 cm tall

It has a not very noticeable little stain on the bottom.
Price: 7 €

Thanks for watching~ (• ^ 3 ^)
Tags: metamorphose, offbrand

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