nicki minaj is who you ain't fuckin with (lightspeedsquid) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
nicki minaj is who you ain't fuckin with

WTB: H&M big heart bag, F21 grandeur headbow, AP starry night rings

okay, i only have about $40 to spend (not including shipping), so i'm most likely only going to be able to buy one of these items, but i decided to shove them all together because you never know who will be selling what!

i'm looking for this H&M heart bag:

the infamous forever 21 grandeur bow headband this is probably a long shot, but i saw a girl wearing this on the street about a month ago and have been green with envy ever since:

the angelic pretty starry night theater hat ring:

and the starry night... star ring:

i'd prefer the black version of this ring, but the red version would be fine too!

can you tell what my favorite color is yet thanks for looking! ❤

Tags: !wtb
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