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DS: Christmas Skirt, Blue/White Eyelet Lace Skirt, handmade

I'm a little scared to try selling my handmade items on the community again... last time a small handful of users were pretty mean, and I'm a sensitive girl! (; ;) But I figured I'd give it another shot! Be gentle, ladies!

I ship out of Victoria, Canada, via Canada Post Air.
Positive feedback as a buyer/seller can be found at etsy (minibeastie) and ebay (mini.beastie).
Buyer is responsible for shipping and paypal fees (4%). All prices are in USD.
I am happy to ship internationally! Please contact me for a shipping estimate.
I do take commissions, please ask if you have an idea.

Christmas Star Skirt

Quality cotton fabric in a cream color, with brightly colored Christmas stars! The edges of the stars is a shimmery gold, which doesn't show up on the camera well, but is lovely. Double-layered built-in tulle underskirt in a shimmery cream color. Removeable bow brooch with two loops of faux plastic pearls. Half-elastic waistband. Rolled hems. Satin ribbon trim. Accessories are possible at a small extra cost.
Waist: 30 to 36 inches
Length: 23 inches (including tulle)

These last two pictures show minor imperfections in the skirt. First, there is a short section on the waistband where the stitching becomes uneven (it is raised a few milimeters). Second, on one side of the elastic waistband on the back, the waistband is a bit scrunched up. These imperfections should not be noticeable when the skirt is worn.

Country Loli Skirt and Accessories

Very soft, light blue and white cotton fabrics! The fabrics are light, and this set might be a good advance purchase for Spring. Skirt is very full. Full elastic waistband, rolled hems. Trimmed with a lovely cotton eyelet lace. Removeable bow brooches with faux plastic pearls. Includes mini bow attached to plastic headband.
Waist: 28 to 36 inches
Length:21 inches

Lastly, I have a free flawed JSK for anyone who might want it. Black shirt and black underskirt not included. This dress is flawed (the skirt is uneven, and I'm too busy/lazy to fix it), but I don't want to just throw it out! I've had it lying around for a year or so now, since I was first learning to sew. If anyone wants it, you are welcome to it. Either it could be fixed, worn even though it's flawed, or maybe just scrapped for other sewing projects. The fabric is light and stretchy. If you buy something above I'll include it for free, otherwise you can pay shipping. ^^
Bust: 26
Waist: 28
It has a bit of stretch. ^^
TAKEN!!! Thanks!

Questions welcome! Thanks so much for looking! ^^
Feel free to check out my etsy shop for more handmade lolita items!
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