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Let's try this again!

I know I have tried trading before, and I had no luck (except for a trade that I sadly ended up backing out of) so I've decided to give it another go; especially since I've seen a surge of the items I've been wanting go up lately.

I'm looking to trade the items really for only what I have listed, but if you have something you think I may be interested in please offer, but chances are I will probably turn you down.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Blooming Snow White purse in Sax
I'm mainly looking to trade this for another bag, (prefereably Moitié, go figure) and I really do want something plain. I would preferably want something black that is more plain, such as the Metamorphose feather cross lesson bag. BUT my largest want to trade for this item is the Moi-Meme-Moitié Cathedral bag or the Iron Gate bag. For these items I would be willing to pay a good amount extra or do a trade with multiple items to make up the difference. I would die for these bags!! I would also look at any Moitié necklaces! I am the original owner and I bought this purse when I lived in Paris for 94euro ($140). It is in almost perfect condition!
I will look at any black leather (or leather-like) brand bags you have to offer since I've been seeing a good amount of BPN and H.Naoto Blood bags that I like come up.

Next up I have the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Alice Trick or Treat overbust JSK (pink version) with Trick or Treat bag. I'm not quite sure what I would like to trade this for, preferably a one-piece, jsk, print skirt, long gillet, or very nice blouse. I bought the JSK second hand last summer, and I need to clean it but there are basically no flaws, and I am the first owner of the Trick or Treat bag, which also needs to be cleaned fyi =P

And last I may be willing to trade of MY FAVORITE OP for a print Moitié JSK or OP (I seriously want the Iron Gate OP in any color! This would pretty much be an AUTOMATIC trade for that!). It is the Innocent World Chandelier wool and velvet OP. I am the original owner, and I went through HELL to get this dress, but I would just add that as being the hell to get a nice Moitié dress!

NOTE: I almost traded this once but backed out, and since I don't want to make that same mistake again I will need time to think about the trade, and at this point I am only looking to trade this for the Iron Gate OP, Chandelier OP, and possibly the Cathedral OP (all Moitié of course)
I will not sell this unless I am offered one of the above for a direct buy as opposed to a trade.

Tags: !dt, baby the stars shine bright, beth, h.naoto, innocent world, moi-meme-moitie
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