Eb29 (liemzie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Angelic Pretty Chandelier Skirt in Black

Items shipped from the UK, payment in GBP only
I have lots of +ve feedback on loligothdatabase, my journal and ebay
I have a dog
Buyer to paypal fee where applicable
First person to say wants it and leaves payment details get it
Payment expected within 3 days
No holds, only trade Im interested in is Melty Chocolate mini sleeve jsk in pink x brown or mint
Any questions please ask! :D

Angelic Pretty Chandelier Skirt - black

Absolutely gorgeous!
Velvet skirt, with detachable bow (waist ties will also be included). Worn 3 times, in great condition.
I measure the waist to be 26" to 31", though I *just* squished in this when my waist was 33"!

Asking £200
£4 UK postage (registered) and £8 international airmail (standard).

Very sad to see it go, please give it a good home <3
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty

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