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The Abominable Chax

Last Accessories Sale: Metamorphose, Putumayo and More!

Rules of My Sales
+ Please comment if you want to make a purchase. I generally don't like PMs because it doesn't keep things out in the open. (PMing private info once a sale is made like Paypal addresses, and etc is fine)
+First buyer to make a comment w/ intention to buy + Paypal address will receive the item.
+Items are shipped 3-5 business days from receipt of Paypal funds, which means that e-checks must clear first.
+Shipping within the US is usually between $3 - $9 and includes tracking. International shipping is between $10 - $15 and if you want tracking you MUST purchase EMS. Please ask for shipping estimate before purchasing if you aren't sure what the costs to your area are!
+Comments relevant to sales only please!
+My Feedback!

Metamorphose Novelty Pillow--$20

Putumayo Card Suit Tie--$7
Card Suite Tie (end is not "pointed" like a traditional tie but terminates in a square)

Alice In Wonderland Handkerchief & Eyeglass Cleaner Set--$15

Betty's Blue Handkerchief-- $5

H&M Wristlets--$4

White Vivienne Westwood Crown Emblem Gloves w/tags, Authentic!--$20

Hello Kitty Gothic Lolita, Large Key-Clip--$3

Charmmy Kitty as the White Rabbit with Pocket Watch, Phone Charm/Clip--$3

Hello Kitty With Parasol--$3

Crown Accessory Set--$7
Bracelet & Necklace set combined from an old post. The bracelet has "white" rhinestones while the miniature crown pendant has alternating rows of blue and white rhinestones.

Cameo Set--$10
Brooch and Cameo Earrings. (Hypo-allergenic posts for the earrings)

Large Red Rose Hair Clip--$8

Moitie-Inspired Blue Flower Comb Set--$4

Gold Rose Hair Clip--$5

White Rose Hair Clip/Brooch--$7
By the talented theosakakoneko. Can be worn as a hair piece or as a brooch!

FanplusFriend Black Piano Bag--$20
Bag has seen some wear and has a few marks but is in overall great condition!

proof of ownership on my Pupe!

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