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[DS] Angelic Pretty Star Night Theatre SK, Star Night tote bag, and Wristcuffs


Sales Terms and Conditions:

♥ I only accept Paypal- (Instant Transfer or Credit Card, I do not accept e-checks)-Buyers are responsible for PP fees

♥ Payment is due within 48 hours of invoice

♥ I do not do holds or trades.

♥ I reserve the right to sell an item to the first buyer who can pay.

♥ I reserve the right to not honor an auction if reserve price is not met.

♥ Shipping is not included in the price

♥ I ship via USPS or UPS, and ship out items once a week. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items, it is the buyers liability to purchase insurance and delivery confirmation

♥ I am located in United States

♥ No returns, all sales are final

♥ Am willing to ship to internationally, international buyers are responsible for possible custom fees that may incur.

♥ All items come from a smoke free home, however I do have two cats and I try my best to keep them away from sale items.

♥ I have feedback located at the loligoth dbs and in my personal LJ adorable1

If interested in purchasing item, please fill out this form

Item name:
Item price:
Shipping (First Class, Priority/UPS, International):
LJ user:
email address:
Paypal address (if different from above):
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Angelic Pretty Star Night Theatre SK- $220

♥ Purchased brand new

♥ Pink x Gold X Red

♥ Waist min:24 max:29

♥ approx 20 inches long, including lace trim

♥ Waist ties are included

♥ Extra button and fabric swatch are included as well


Angelic Pretty Star Night Theatre Tote Bag- $40

I originally purchased this with the skirt with the intentions of using the extra fabric to re-size the waist

♥ Purchased brand new w/tag

♥ Pink x Gold X Red

♥ 100% cotton

♥ H: 15" W:16" D: 4"


SOLD Angelic Pretty Wristcuffs- $45

♥ Purchased brand new

♥ Mint x Mint w/pink glitter heart charm


SOLD Angelic Pretty Wristcuffs- $45

♥ Purchased brand new

♥ Lavender x Lavender w/pink glitter heart charm


Thanks for looking!
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