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Alice (Akane)

DS: Angelic Pretty Flower lace OP & frilly headdress

Flower Lace Onepiece (Angelic Pretty)

150 euros + shipping

Flower lace OP

Worn twice. Good condition.
This dress is very lovely and doll-like.

Length of dress: About 89cm
♥ Breadth of shoulders: About 38cm
♥ Bust: About 90cm
♥ Waist: About 70cm
(Waist bow and long sleeves are removable)

Proof of ownership (my camera makes things darker because it's night).


(And this is supposed to be a hardly noticeable small stain I found in the backside, just in case).


I'm also selling this matching headdress from Angelic Pretty, also worn twice.

20 euros + shipping

Proof of ownership:

Shipping: My city doesn't allow EMS, so I'll have to use normal postal service, either insured or not insured. The package with the dress is close to 1.3 kg (with and without headdress), so I just checked the prices from the official page.
The insured shipping prices for packages that weight between 1kg and 1.5kg are:

-Europe: 17,24 euros (insured), or 15,00 euros (non insured).
-Rest of the world: 34,24 euros (insured), or 32,00 euros (non insured).

(If you just want the headdress, shipping cost will be much cheaper. But please note that I'll give priority to a buyer who wants to buy the whole set).

Feedback: This is very first sale ever, so I still don't have feedback as a seller. I only have positive feedback as a buyer in the database. If you buy any item from me, please leave any sort of feedback! I promise that I'll do my best.

Final note: I have cats. I don't let them close to my dresses, but just in case you have strong allergies.
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