millenaire (millenaire) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

AFC and reminder

I found two colourful velvet fabrics that I'd love to use for commissions, maybe some kind of classic or even pirate lolita outfit? One of the fabrics has narrow stripes in it and the other one has very ornate print featuring flowers and grapefruits. Here's pictures of them, sorry about the bad quality, the colours are a bit darker/sharper in reality:

I only got small pieces of each of the fabrics so there's enough material for maybe one skirt or JSK. So if you're interested in commissioning, please leave a message here or email me at

You can see examples and feedback of my previous work in my journal:

Also a reminder for the lucky packs, tomorrow is the last day to place your lucky pack orders. Please see more info here:

Tags: !afc
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