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Massive DS post

As of 2am Detroit time, all sold items have been deleted from this post, so everything you see is still available!

For more photos and info click the photo of each item! (You may have to scroll down for some.)

NO TRADES PLEASE. I am raising spending money for my Japan trip in a couple weeks!

Please leave all comments IN THIS ENTRY, not in the individual linked entries. With LiveJournal notifications not working, I can't guarantee I'd see your comment in time to avoid selling the item to someone else, so please leave comments here. If you leave a comment in another post, I cannot be held responsible if I accidentally sell to someone else, even if you've already claimed it, since I might not see it. I apologize for the inconvenience.

All prices include USPS Priority shipping in the USA.
(The only exception is socks and other small items, which include airmail shipping. Ask if you are unsure.)
For international, I only ship EMS. Buyer to pay difference between international EMS and what domestic Priority would cost.

Paypal only.

I am PROUD to be 100% Paypal fee-free. Always have and always will be. Fees are the seller's responsibility and you will never see a fee from me!

ALL ITEMS ARE "OBO - OR BEST OFFER"! I want this stuff GONE! Make me an offer!

Multiple item purchases may qualify for discounts! And presents! :D

I've disappeared from the sales scene for a good bit, but until last year I was probably the highest volume seller on egl for a good few months, and I have over 100 positive feedbacks on my sales journal and over 100 on the loligoth database. I've never had a negative feedback or dissatisfied customer, and I don't plan to start now. <3

Please allow up to 3 business days for shipping. I will try to get your package out the next day but depending on circumstances/busy-ness level at work it may be delayed.

I am not taking on new commissions at this time.

See bottom of this post for info about my CINNAMOROLL FAIR!! Score some adorable household and stationery items!


Heart E $180 used

Innocent World coat with Heart E tote bag set $300

Baby Jumperskirts

$100 NEW never worn

$100 NEW never worn

$25, or $15 with either of above jsks
NEW never worn

Metamorphose One Piece Dresses (shirred)

$80 NEW never worn


Kinki Kitty (handmade by me) skirt, $80 NEW never worn

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice in Sweets Land skirt, $110 used

Innocent World long (classic) petticost, $50

Heart E Blouse

$80 used


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Teddy Bear Lace cutsew, $60 NEW never worn

offbrand wing applique cutsew, $10 with any larger purchase, $20 alone used

Bodyline piano key cutsew cardigan, $45 NEW never worn

Peace Now Sweaters

Mohair Rhinestone Embroidery Sweater, $50 NEW never worn

Everyday Closet sweatshirt, hilarious, $80 NEW never worn

Punk or Nothing, $70 NEW never worn

Angelic Pretty Retro Jacket

$45 used


Heart E, $25 NEW never worn

Miho Matsuda, $25
NEW never worn


h. Naoto/Six h. large handkerchief, $25 NEW never used

Vivienne Westwood handkerchief, $20 NEW never used

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bow Ties

$20 for pink (white sold) NEW never used

Metamorphose Cherry Headdress

$25 NEW never used
(One still available!)


30 pairs of socks for sale, priced $8-$40. Many brand socks! All NEW.


If you spend over $50, you get a present!

Some examples:

How much you spend determines level of present, and you can choose what you want!
First come, first served.
Click anywhere in this area for details!

(If you hate Cinnamoroll, I can substitute a Swimmer handkerchief or something else cute from my stash, but no choice will be given in this case - just too much hassle! ;)
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