Cecilia : B (loli_scarecrow) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Cecilia : B

WTT: BLUE starry night theater

Brand new with tags, bought from Crescent shop

I just received this in the mail, but since the sleeve area isn't elasticy i can't pull it down so its WAY to short :C [I'm 5'7" for ref]
so I was hoping to trade it for the bustier jsk..thing.. IN BLUE 'course
the only OTHER thing I'd be interested in is dreamy doll house JSK in BLACK or [possibly] mint.

I am at the moment not looking to sell this because I had to pay a BIG FAT price tag for this because of fees, which I'm sure NO ONE wants to pay

If you have any questions post em, have what I need hoorah!
I'm going to go out for a bit, so I wont be replying to them for a couple hours, if you want more pictures [the tag etc] I can take them when I get back.
Tags: angelic pretty

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