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WTB: Sugary Carnival skirt in BLACK! ^__^

Hello girls :)

I'm here to ask if is there's someone who would like to sell her Sugary Carnival skirt in BLACK (I'm mostly a Kuro so I'm just looking for the black version).

I really don't know how much to offer for the skirt, but I'd offer more IF there also was the matching headbow.

Some basic informations:
-I'd prefer to find both skirt and headbow, If I have to choose (I'm a coordinate-victim XD)
-The best way to ship is EMS since it's safer and In the 99,9% I can also have NO customs fee (to avoid them, however, please write a looooooooooooooooooooower price on the package)
-I'd rather buy from a girl who has got many positive feedbacks.....sorry, but I read about several scammers, I don't like to risk ^^"
-If I finally find someone to buy the skirt from it would be better not to wait months before the item is shipped ^^'' I know it's boring to queue at the post office, but be polite.

(This is the third time I post a WTB on EGL so if is something I've wrote that is against the rules tell me and I'll edit my post)
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