goth_kittykat (goth_kittykat) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: coat or really warm cardigan/jacket

hi there. I'm looking for a coat(preferably), cardigan, or jacket for the winter. I am open and enjoy offbrand and handmade items. colors that i'd prefer are white, blue(light blue would be great), or black that has some white details on it. I'd like to see whatever is open though. my measurements are 35' waist, 43' bust, 25' arm length, and 16' shoulder to shoulder. i think that takes care of what most sites are listing as coat measurements but if i need to give out more please ask. I'm currently in TX and will be moving to VA soon so I'm not really looking for something extremly heavy duty but something that will keep me warm enough in high 20-30 degree windy weather. I am looking at a budget of 125 dollars max including shipping.

Thanks for looking.
Tags: !wtb
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