chi_eve (chi_eve) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Urgent WTT! Victorian Maiden Replica OP

I got this gorgeous Victorian Maiden replica OP in the mail today but it doesnt fit! It made me cry really. So now Im looking for another JSK preferably shirred because im a cow >< The replica is in good condition, has beautiful ruffles on the bottom and a 'fake' corset on the back, the fabric stretches a bit but not much so its a size S!! The waist is free but the top definitly is a size s, xs would fit too. I really wanna trade this one for something else for the christmas holidays, I trade worldwide but europe is better for me because then it gets here faster. Shipping costs are all on me. This is a handmade dress so offbrand or bodyline are preferred. Partial trade is welcome too. Im open too anything really so pleaaaase help!
The photos are from LJ user roberthatika, if she doesnt approve please let me know and Ill make my own photos. It hasnt been worn by me other than to fit. Thankyou so much in advance!!
Low waist: free
High waist: 37 cm
from armpit to armpit: 37 cm

Tags: offbrand, victorian maiden

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