Makoto (psycho_shoujo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB - Long list of Christmas presents for myself...maybe?

Hi, just like the subject says, I have a long list of items that I'm looking for. They're in no particular order so just show me what you have. Just to say that I do have a budget and it's a big list so I'm looking for things that are fairly cheap. Please name your price with shipping to Ireland. I can pay with non-CC paypal.

Thanks for looking!

- Brand bloomers. Black, white or off-white/cream. Something from Meta maybe? Have to be brand new.
- Black faux fur muff, Doesn't have to be brand as long as it's cute and warm.
- Brand cutsew/cardigan. Looking for a cheap brand cutsew or cardigan. Preferrably with bunny ears. Actually if they're cute and have bunny ears then it doesn't even have to be brand, bodyline or something is fine too. I'll look at all colors. Long sleeves preferred.
- Brand blouse. White, black or off-white. Long sleeves only. Peter-pan collar.
- Brand headbow. I'll look at all colors except pink. Head eating bows, side bows etc. Show me what you have!
- Sweet cute jewellry. Show me your cute handmade stuff: macarons, lolipops, mashmallows, candies, cakes etc. I'm mainly looking for rings and necklaces only.
- Btssb white bunny pouchette.
- Bear eared/bunny eared hats!! Something like the ones from heartE would be nice.
- Certain prints: AP Doll House, AP Swan Lake/Balleria in black, IW Doll House in black, Metamorphose Windows print in black.
- h.Naoto items. I'm especially looking for one of those layered pannier style skirts that is super poofy.

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, h.naoto, handmade, innocent world, metamorphose, moi-meme-moitie, offbrand

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