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SS: Korean Shopping Service

Hi, I'm offering shopping service from South Korea.
Detailed information and feedback can be found here.

Free gift is given to every order in December! Shop for Christmas now!!

Here are some websites that carries lolita clothes.

Dolly Berry
They had different kind of lolita items before, but right now they only have charms/rings/necklace for sale. I believe they'll update shortly, though.

Snow White
Factory made clothes and accessories in great design.

Gothloli Closet
This website has nice lolita clothes in great quality. The pictures do not do their justice-everything is much better in person!
There are also few indies lolita shops, but I won't list them here because most of them only have limited stocks.

These are few examples of lolita items from websites that carries various fashion styles.
Rowky-2nd one



Of course I can help you with shopping from other websites, too :)
If you have any questions, please refer to my website first! If there are no information about your curiosity, then use the "questions" form at my website, please.
I don't want to make this post as another FAQ page of my service. ;)

+++Past Sales+++
Jane Marple Cardigan $30 shipped

Metamorphose Candy House Skirt $120 shipped

Offbrand Maryjane Shoes $40 shipped

Putumayo flower print bustier $30 shipped
Offbrand clothes under $35 shipped
Offbrand Heart Printed Socks $7 shipped
Heart Shaped Rucksack $10 shipped
Offbrand Accessories

and click here for my other items, that I did not list on egl_comm_sales yet.
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