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DS:Meta, Emily Temple Cute, ITS

Hello ladies, here's the rulez.

*No trades or holds at this time, I'm in need of $$
*Whoever leaves their Paypal info gets the item.
*Prices are firm and shipping is included in the U.S. International shipping will be extra.
*Items come with d.c. included and ships as soon as payment clears.
*I do take e-checks, but you have to let me know before payment.
*No Paypal fees

1. White Partially Shirred In The Starlight Blouse. $25

Worn once by previous owner, best worn under a JSK as the fabric is somewhat thin. I tried it on for 2 seconds. Suggested measurements: Bust: up to 36" Waist: up to 32" (back is shirred & has corset ties)

I noticed two small stains near the arm pit areas of the shirt, it's very very faint and I tried to get a photo of them the best I could. They don't show up that well but I'm sure it could come out with a bleach pen. This is the previous owner's photo b/c her's is better. If she wishes me to take it down I will. I do have proof of ownership here.

2. Metamorphose Black Chiffon Pink Polka Dot OP. $160

Shirred back and front, never worn by me or the previous owner who bought it from Yahoo auctions.jp. I'm going to try and measure it tonight, but the prev. owner said it fit her 39' bust just fine. Have more photos here.
And here!

3. Emily Temple Cute Red Plaid Jsk. $100

Measurements: 50-100 cm bust.
Gently worn by the previous owner a few times, only tried on by myself for 5 min. I was told after purchase that the white lace at the top of the dress was faded pink after she washed the dress. She got most of it out in the front with a tide pen but it is still pink on the back. I'm sure the rest would come out with a tide pen.
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