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DS: Kidsyoyo Jsk; FanPlusFriend Blouse; Everything plus size friendly!

Hi! I need to sell these ASAP since I'm moving back home and I'm pretty darn sure I won't be able to take these along with me. Also, I have feedback via and Ebay if you need to see credentials :)

General Rules:
-No Trades/Holds
-Paypal only
-US Buyers only
-Immediate Payment is Expected

KidsYoYo AP style Princess JSK SOLD
Official Photos:

Proof of Ownership:

-Worn Once
-Comes in All Black
-The the alternating ruffles on the side of the dress and the ruffles on the straps are made of georgette (as shown in the last picture)
-Satin Corset Ribbon in the back is missing
-The 4 bows on the front of the dress is detachable
-Comes with a matching headbow
-Dress Length: 42 inches
-Bust: 40-44 inches
-Waist: 38-40 inches

Price: 135 with shipping

FanPlusFriend Blouse

-Worn quite a few times
-Comes in All Black
-Does not come with detachable sleeves
-Fits a 41 inch Bust and a 36-39 inch waist
-25 inches Long

Price: 38 dollars with shipping
Tags: !ds, *plus size, fanplusfriend

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