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WTB: Classic Stuff! Dresses, Skirts, JSK's and Blouses! (off brand welcome)

Dear EGL,

I am looking to buy your beautiful brand or off brand lolita clothing. My style is mainly Classical (Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden) but I'm also very interested in any off brand you have (KidsYoYo, Dear Celine, HMHM, Infanta etc). Colours in particular are black, cream and white but I'll happily look at dusky pink as well. ^^

What I am looking for:

And lastly, my dream dress...(I can dream right?)

Anything along the lines of the items above, please post up and let me see what gorgeous items you have to sell.

Size wise: I'm a UK size 6/8 or US size 2/4

Measurements are: 83cm - 61cm - 85cm or 32" - 24" - 33"

Location wise: to the UK

Please show me what you have!
Tags: !wtb, dear celine, mary magdalene
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