Inomi (isseinomiko) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: EGA! - found, thanks!

I'd like to buy a Christmas present for my best friend, but I have a very tiny budget. Right now about $60-$70 (or up to $100 if you can wait for payment until I get paid again this Friday) so obviously offbrand or homemade is a-ok as long as the quality is still good.

I'm looking for a gothic aristocrat skirt, dress, or possibly blouse, preferably in blue, black or maaaaybe red. I'd like for the seller to be in the U.S. because of cheaper shipping/having it here in time for Christmas, but if you have a good deal, please show it to me! =D

Thanks everyone!

ETA: Items have to fit a 28-29" waist and 36-38" bust. ^^
Tags: !wtb, offbrand

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