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DS: Cheap Accessories + Metamorphose Gothic Velveteen Set

- Paypal only please
- I have 100% positive feedback on the loligoth database as well as my journal.
- Shipping is not included
- I am not responsible for lost packages without tracking (you'd have to pay the additional cost for tracking)
- Open to trades but would prefer to sell it
- Please note that although I tried to take the measurements carefully, I'm not a professional
- If you have any questions, just ask!

Black Bow

This was a gift that I never got round to use. It has a pin at the back, would look nice as an accent or for male style!

Price: $4

Red Plastic Hairband

I am selling a brand new, never worn, red headband. It's made of hard plastic and has a lovely bow on its side that has two rhinestones in its centre (vertically), the whole headband (including the bow) is decorated with small white dots (the pink headband on top of it is not for sale).

Price: $7

Click here for a Metamorphose Gothic Velveteen Jsk + Matching Headdress - Taking offers!
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