Josephine (tennyochan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DA: Moitié Iron gate skirt

Auction Ending within 24hours!
-I accept paypal payment only (if outside of Sweden).
-I don't smoke and don't have any pets currently.
-I ship from Sweden
-Please read the rules at the bottom of the page!

I have one Moitié Iron gate skirt for sale. It's the BlackXnavy highwaist version. It's in perfect condition and has seldom been used. I am and have been the only owner of the skirt.
Waist:65cm (can go up to 70cm)

Proof of ownership

The rules:
*Bids are binding!
*I'll take offers for it untill sunday 6/12. 10pm swedish time UTC + 1
*Payment must be made within 3 days.
*I can do holds up to one week. If I do hold it for you, you are still bound to buy it and a deposit of 50% must be sent.
*Offers must be made here from now on.
*Minimum increase per bid is 10EUR

Winning bidder: 440EUR from [info]aliknyankochan
Thank you!
Tags: moi-meme-moitie
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