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DS: Clothes from JM, VW, BTSSB, MM, ETC & VM

Payment: I accept non-credit card and credit card Paypal, money orders, and well-concealed cash (US$, CDN$, or YEN). If you are in the UK, I will accept bank drafts in US dollars as well. Paypal fees are on me. Prices are in US$.

If paying by Paypal, state whether you are pay by CC-Paypal or non-CC Paypal.

No trades. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to write a comment. My prices can be flexible. I'm open to reasonable offers.

Sizing: For most accurate measurements, please refer to the numbers in centimeters.

Shipping Costs: Buyer to pay shipping. All items will be shipped by small packet airmail from Canada. This comes with 100$ insurance. There are other options for those in US and Canada including Xpresspost and Expedited Parcel. I will ship internationally. I usually ship once or twice a week.

Credentials: I've sold numerous items on EGL without any problems in the past. My E-bay feedback can be found by searching kuroibara. I have a feedback post on my journal as well.

Thank you for taking a look!! :D


Jane Marple Candy Top

Price: $90US or best offer

From the 2009 summer collection. Cutsew with ribbon detail at the bust in a fun candy cane print.

Condition: Brand new with tags

Bust: 84cm / 33"
Waist: 82cm / 32"
Length: 57cm / 22"

Jane Marple Pleats Blouse

Price: $100US or best offer

This Jane Marple blouse fits larger sizes and is a classic Jane Marple design featuring a collar with two tiers of pleats and pleats running down the blouse as well as on the sleeves.

Condition: Used in great condition.

Shoulder: 42cm / 16.5"
Sleeves: 61cm / 24"
Bust: 93cm / 37"
Waist: 100cm / 39"
Length: 74cm / 29"

Emily Temple Cute Cutsew

Price: $35US

Pink cutsew with tulle at the neck and the shoulders. There are is some slight damage/stains at the back of the cutsew when I bought it used. I did home dry cleaning but was unable to remove them- but they are very light and are not visible when wearing the cutsew. I am selling the cutsew as is.

Condition: Used, in good condition with some slight damage. Sold as is.

Shoulders: 40cm / 16"
Sleeves: 53.5cm / 21"
Bust: 84cm / 33"
Waist: 80cm / 31.5"
Length: 51cm / 20"

Lightened photo to show more clearly the damage.

Vivienne Westwood Black Vest

Price: $60US or best offer

Authentic Vivienne Westwood vest in black pattern. When I bought it used there were two large stains on the inside of the vest (supposedly from cleaning?). The stains are not visible on the outside so it is in otherwise great condition. I am selling this vest because it is too big for me.

Condition: Used with some damage but in otherwise great condition.

Listed as a size 42
Bust: 90cm / 35.5"
Waist: 78cm / 31"
Length: 53.5cm / 21"

Victorian Maiden - Elegant Doll Collar Blouse (Olive Gray)

Sale price: $90US or best offer (reduced from $100)
Condition: Brand new with tags! Bought new for around 180$ (including the shopping, shipping, and customs duty). Tried on once.

Very classic style VM blouse. I reserved this but found that the shape was not really my style. The blouse in this color has been completely sold out. Here is your chance to get it brand new at a reduced price.

Shoulders: 34cm / 13"
Sleeves: 64cm / 25"
Bust: 88cm / 34.5"
Waist: 76cm / 30"
Length 60cm / 23.5"


Alice and the Pirates Overalls

Price: $140US or best offer

Overalls with skirt/pants combination perfect for boy style. The overalls sits around under the bust like a high-waisted skirt would. There is shirring in the back.

Condition: Bought new at BTSSB in Yokohama last year. Worn two times, in great condition. After I bought it, that evening I noticed that one of the clasps to hold the chains was missing. I put another clasp in to hold it up. Please see photos for more information. The last three photos are closest to the actual colour of the garment- grey with red stripes.

Underbust: 81cm / 32"
Waist: 75cm / 30"
Straps: from 28 to 30.75cm / 11" to 12"
Length: from waist to inseam of pants 48cm, full length of overalls is 71.5cm / 19" & 28"

As you can see in the photo above, one of the round clasps to hold up the chain was missing- I wish I had noticed it when I bought it! Anyway, I used this pin to keep the chain up and will pass it on to the buyer as is. The pin was from the China exhibition from the 2005 Expo in Aichi, Japan.

Jane Marple Regimental Pants

Price: $90US or best offer

Jane Marple regimental stripe pants from the 2005 fall collection in green and bordot colourway.

Condition: Used in great condition.

Waist: 78cm / 31"
Hips: 89cm / 35"
Length: from waist to inseam: 28 cm. full length of pants: 57cm / 11" & 22"


Emily Temple Cute Victorian JSK

Price: $140US or best offer

Cute high waisted JSK with a print inspired by Victorian-era illustrations. Perfect for casual and everyday wear. With light black cotton lining.

Condition: Bought new at Emily Temple Cute store. Worn two times, in great condition.

Bust: 86cm / 34"
Underbust: 78cm / 31"
Length: 93cm / 37"

Doris Red Tartan JSK
Sale price: $60US or best offer (reduced from $80)

Original price was around 22,000yen. Doris is an indies brand based in Osaka. The owner of this brand also runs the Dolly indies select shop in the America-mura area. It's a wonderful piece made of red tartan check with high quality black torchon lace. It is lined with undetachable bows on the back. The black corsetting in the front is also not removable.

Condition: Brand New with tags

Bust: 84cm / 33"
Waist: 64cm / 25"(for best fit your waist should be this size- I think the max measurements is 69cm / 27")
Length: 85cm / 33.5"
From top to waist: 37cm / 14.5"


Jane Marple Tartan Hat

Sale Price: $75US or best offer.
Quality: Bought used but in excellent condition. Never worn.

An interesting hat with a unique shape with a tartan sash so you can tie a ribbon underneath. The sash is removable. The circumference of the hat is about 56cm / 22in. Great for punk or boystyle coordinates.

Jane Marple Tweed JSK

Price: $70US or best offer ON HOLD!

Interesting dress design in a heavy tweed fabric great for fall and a light winter. There are slits cut into the front of the dress so that it is possible to see the top being worn underneath. There are two pockets in the front and in the back and they all work. With blue lining.

Condition: Used in good condition.

Bust: 88cm / 35"
Waist: 80cm / 32"
Hips: 99cm / 39"
Length: 90cm / 35"

BTSSB White Cutsew Bolero

Condition: Bought new, worn twice.

Mary Magdalene Bolero

Condition: Used in good condition.

Jane Marple Velveteen Ribbon Skirt

Condition: Used in great condition.

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, emily temple cute, indie brand, jane marple, mary magdalene, victorian maiden, vivienne westwood

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