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DS: Angelic Pretty

Thank you for looking at my first sales post. I think I have something like 1 positive feedback under "shiverling" in the loligoth dbs.
Sorry about the quality of photos - I am clearly not good at photography. I can take further pictures upon request, but they will probably end up having the same weird perspective.

Please note the following:
  • All prices are in AUD, includes paypal fees, excludes shipping.
  • I ship from Sydney, Australia. Shipping is expensive, so all sales are final, no returns.
  • I have a cat. I myself am allergic to cats and I try my best, but cat hair may still end up on clothes. I do not smoke.
  • I have tried my best to point out any/all flaws in descriptions and photos.
  • Some clothing may have a "sickly sweet" smell from the dry cleaning solution I use.
  • If you happen to live in Sydney, I can meet up in the CBD to give you the items.
1. Angelic Pretty Pink JSK - $150 AUD

Originally obtained secondhand from mbok.
This is from AP's older lines, so the sizing runs a little smaller at 27" waist max.
There is shirring in the front to accomodate for bust, and shirring on the straps.
The waist ties are non-removable, and there is no shrring in the back.

There is a yellowish stain on the lace as shown here. The rest of the yellow is just bad photography -_-;

2. Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Special Set JSK in sax - $160 AUD SOLD

3. Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Tote in sax - $50 AUD

4. Metamorphose Rose Flocky Print Long Pinafore Dress in Bordeaux - $220 AUD SOLD

5. Metamorphose Peachskin Black JSK - $60 AUD

Made of a polyester peachskin fabric. This JSK apparently has matching bloomers, but I don't own them.
The lace is cotton, and there is some minor fraying and general hairyness cotten lace tends to be like from wear.
This JSK is meant to be worn babydoll style, and runs rather small at the following measurements:
Length: 72cm+ negligible lace
Bust: 40cm flat
There is no shirring at the back, and there are non-removable waist ties with a plastic buckle on one of them.
Front detail:

The most curious feature about this JSK is that it has 2 invisible zippers starting from where the satin ribbons are to the hem.
This is how it looks like unzipped:

The price was set from what various auctions went, which was around 45,000 ~ 60,000 yen, converted to AUD.

Thank you for looking!
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