popze (popze) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WB: Brandname clothes, shoes, acc, socks :D

Hi i've finally decided to buy my very fist brand name clothes and acc :D
I'm willing to spend 20.000 yen ($233) with shipping included. I may get a bigger budget to buy for, but time will tell monday.

I currently live i Denmark, Scandivania and i'm looking for cloth that can fit a plus size girl :)

My measurments are:
neck: 33 cm
Bust: 97 cm
Waist: 84-86 cm
Hip: 114 cm
Thigh: 67 cm
Biceps: 33 cm
Overarm: 62 cm
Height: 166 cm

for shoes i use a size: 22,5 in Japan and 35 in Denmark/scandinavia

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