Nymia_san (nymia_san) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB almost anything black or bordeux and a white blouse


i still have preety much like 450usd to spend in lolita so i'm giving a shot to see what comes out.

just warning: i don't like confusing prints (like AP ones), i usually rather simple elegant dresses. i usually wear gothic, aristocrat and classic but i will look at sweet items in the colours stated and printless.

i rather buy many things than one expensive thing since i still don't have much of a lolita closet. my favourite brands are moi meme moitie, innocent world and alice and the pirates. i'm okay with offbrand too as long as it has a nice quality!

My measurments:
Bust: 97cm
Waist: 78 cm
Shoe size: M (23,5)

You can guide from my whislist to get an idea of my tastes

I'm looking for velvet JSK's , a white aristocratish blouse, and a black classic blouse but will look at preety much anything in the colours stated.

I have this MmM OP:

That i MAY trade for another MmM OP/JSK
Tags: !wtb

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