tsuki_suusch (tsuki_suusch) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: MAM skirt, Meta cutsew, AP blouse, BTTSB and MAM accesoires

I need everything go, I really need money! Everything is 20% off since my last post!

The conditions:
♪I'm taking whoever can pay first and the highest offer!
♪I don't trade, exchange, return and refund.
♪I am not responsible for shipping.
♪ Prices are without shipping.
♪Payment with paypal, prices are excluded fees.
♪Feel free to ask questions!

Maxicimam skirt: €56

I haven't got a photo of the back, but there's a big bow at the back.

Worn once.

Worn by me

Angelic Pretty Blouse: €60

Worn it once.

The blouse has a big bow on the back.

Worn by me

Metamorphose cutsaw, €24

Worn several times.

Maxicimam headdress. €12

Worn once.
Worn by me

BTSSB headdress, €12

Worn by me

For other items (BTSSB cutsew, Heart E headdress) go to http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/8868019.html

Thanks for looking and feel free to offer!

Tags: angelic pretty, metamorphose

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