rainies (rainies) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Bodyline,Meta,Offbrand..need them go! Price reduced!

Shipping cost and paypal fees are not included.
I have feedback on my journal and on loligoth database.
*Please comment only if you are interested in buying!*

-TARTAN SKIRT 10 EURO Very good warm cotton

minimum waist 66-67 cm max 130 cm

- Handmade cream skirt,very warm for winter. 20 euro

waist 70-88 cm
lenght 48 cm

- - Bodyline cutsew,new with tag. 10 euro

-Metamorphose black girly note cutsew. Bought here and never worn. 30 euro SOLD

- Offbrand white polka dotted blouse. Size S (quite small). 12 euro

-BODYLINE white blouse. One clip button on the collar is demaged but you can close it without problems. 12 euro

Bust max 90 cm
Waist max 80 cm

socks and other cutsews here http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/8863215.html?view=140167151#t140167151

Tags: !ds, bodyline, metamorphose, offbrand
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