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DS: IW Fawn Collar Coat... out of stock everywhere and hard to find!

RULES OF SALE (please read carefully before commenting):

- The first person to comment with their country of origin and paypal address will get the item. No lines.
- Only comment if you a serious about buying an item from me. Please do not ask about how something fits and then wander off into the night. e_e;;; No non-sale comments, please.
- I only accept Paypal. Paypal fees are included in the price.
- No holds, no trades, no exceptions.
- Shipping is not included in the price. I'm willing to ship internationally, but it will cost more because this coat is HEAVY.
- My feedback can be seen here and here.

I bought this coat from the IW website in chocolate brown size L a little while ago, but haven't worn it. The tags are still on it and it's in utterly mint condition. *o* I was lucky to get it because it sold out in every color and size really quickly. Unfortunately, there are other things I need to buy now, so I'm selling it.

Measurements for the L size coat can still be found on the website (, along with more pictures/other views of the coat. Please consult the website for the measurements!

Stock photo:

Proof of ownership:
iw fawn coat

According to Paypal, 41790 yen converts to $486.66 in USD. I'll round it down to $485. Since it's so expensive, I'll take care of the paypal fees.
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