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New decision on clobbao's current GOs and DS

Due to the ongoing mariko_senpai & clobbao situation. I have made a decision in below, it applies to all my CURRENT GOs or DS:

When you place an order, I will not collect the payment until your items reach me and I will send you pics of your exact items, so no afraid of being scammed! But you will have to vouch that you will clear the payment then. And I will need your Paypal address and both of your LJ name and real name on Paypal, I will invoice you after you placed an order.

I have customers telling me that they received msgs from mariko_senpai after they commented in my sales entry. So at this point, you can now quit msging my customers, That is so lame. And to those that have made the payment, thanks!

Justlolita GO and Lolita lola Rocking Horse Shoes DS in here or here.
HMHM & Infanta GOs in here or here.

All shoes must be sent by International EMS, garments you can choose to have them delivered by either International EMS or registered Airmail.

Leave me a msg in here if it's about the decision, or please leave the msgs to each of the related sales post, thanks.

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