COURT-NEE (bijoujou) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Sorry about the low quality pics, it's from my DS! I'll have my camera back at like 5:00 Pacific time
Anyways, here you go!
HNI_0008.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
Pink SS shoes! I love them, but I really don't wear them too often.
Willing to trade for a brown pair
LL, used $50 shipped
Addtional pics, slight damage

HNI_0021.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
DAMAGED HARAJUKU LOVERS BAG I spent like, 65 bucks on this thng, maybe 30 shipped, OBO
It's easily fixable, or use the fabric for something else
As you can see, the stupid strap fell off and it was not my fault!
HNI_0020.jpg picture by Bijoujousell

HNI_0016.jpg picture by Bijoujousell

HNI_0014.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
Victoria Secret bag. I have 2 so, might as well sell one!
35 shipped
Addtional details below
HNI_0017.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
heres a cylinder version
25 shipped
HNI_0015.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
both have this print

HNI_0023.jpg picture by BijoujousellHNI_0024.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
This is a sweater, not a cardigan.
35 shipped, and it is not that floresant, but it is a peachy orange.
Fits up to 40"

Feel free to make offers and ask for addtional pics.
I am accepting trades, but these are unlikely as I already know what gift Im getting myself!
Tags: !ds, offbrand, secret shop

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