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DS: Btssb- 2010 Planner + Catalog, Headbow, and Umbrella

I need to clear out a few things as my room is getting cluttered with things I don't use @_@
Prices do not include shipping.
US Customers only.
Priority goes to people who can pay first.
I accept paypal only- no e-checks.
All items come with delivery confirmation- if you would like insurance please ask- as it will be $2 extra.

I have 41+ positive feedback on the dbs.

Btssb Planner + Autumn & Winter 2010 Catalog (I prefer to sell these together if possible)- $20 for both
Both new- I only flipped through the catalog
Shipping within the US: $5 priority/ $3 first class

Btssb Pink Lace clear umbrella: $19
New- never been used without tags.
*For US customers only*
Shipping: $8 USD priority mail only- if the cost is less than this I will refund you the difference.

I also got this head bow new without tags that I am thinking of selling. $39
shipping: $5


I also have a Btssb Seraphim Print skirt in cream- 1st edition high waist corset skirt that I am thinking of selling for around $220 - in excellent condition- please comment if interested.

I would be interested in trades if you have Moitie accesories/novelties, BPN Accessories, Suppurate System Accessories, or Black or Red Btssb/ IW Hair Accesories (I'm looking for red hair bows, or side headbows. I am not interested in rectangular headdresses).

Please comment below if you are a serious buyer or have any questions- if you intend to buy please leave your paypal e-mail so I can invoice you.

Thanks for looking!

Tags: !dt, baby the stars shine bright

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