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DS or DT: BIG Closet Cleanout! Sell or Trade!

I AM interested in trades, or partial trades!
I'm not big into sweet, but I love prints, deconstruction, and aristocratic styles. If you have something I like, I'll be willing to negotiate one or more of my items as a partial payment for your item, so offer anything! I love jewel tones such as rubies and forest greens. I love brown too! Any "retro" styles (40s and 50s) are highly sought.
I will ship A.S.A.P Priority! If you are not located in the U.S. we can discuss an alternate shipping plan.
I do have pets (dogs) but I try to keep them as far away from my clothes as I can, but there could possibly be stray hair!
Shipping is included!
No fees! I just want this stuff to go to a good home, so I don't look like a lolita hoarder!
Finally, measurements are approximate, I'm no pro!

Here goes!
If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll be checking in periodically, so I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

White Innocent World blouse with detachable sleeves. $65 shipped. If you love lace, and tons of it, this is the blouse for you! A button is loose, but other than that, I don't see any flaws. Bust is approx. 17 inches measured across. I have only tried on the blouse, which I bought from the sales comm. Shown with an blue Alice in Wonderland print skirt with a bustle back from Bodyline. The skirt has been worn once by me. Waist is approximately 12" stretching to 15" across, but at around a 28" waist it's gonna start getting really tight. $35 shipped. SKIRT IS SOLD PENDING PAYMENT!

Blouse Front

Blouse Back

Next up is an H.Naoto dress which I also bought off the comm. It just doesn't suit me, which is a shame. It has a great distressed skirt which has some piling on the lace and fraying, but as with much H. Naoto, I can't tell what is a deconstructed design concept and what is actually wear and tear! The bust has no shirring, or adjusting so there isn't any stretch. Approximately 15 inches across at the bust and 14 inches at the waist. I would like to get $80 shipped OBO.

Dress Top

Close-up of distressed skirt

In the H.Naoto category, I have this GREAT top, that will only fit someone completely petite. I have 32" bust and I look like a sausage. I LOVE this top, and have tried it on several times thinking that it might fit, like wizards have made it bigger in the middle of the night. Sigh, no such luck. Approximately 14" across at the bust with little stretch. My biceps are around 11 inches and the sleeves are way too tight. The sleeves are 14" long and I'm guessing are supposed to be 3 quarter sleeves. For the right person, this top will be awesomely cute! $30 shipped OBO

This birdcage-style bodyline jsk is new with tags. It is fairly roomy and comfortable. I think it is absolutely gorgeous. This is the kind of dress that shows Bodyline at it's best, in my opinion. It's heavy and voluminous all on its' own. I hate to part with it, but it just doesn't look right on me! It is a Bodyline size medium. I'd like to get $70 shipped OBO

Close-up of skirt

A few Putumayo items round out the last of my sales purge! First up is an adorable sailor style top, roomy and soft. It has been well-worn, but still has some life in it. The print is SO cute! I'll let this one go for $25 shipped OBO, hoping it will go to a good home! It has a 19" bust across and is 18" shoulder to waist.

Close-up of print on back

Close-up of print on front

Finally, another Putumayo top, adorable, with a fresh print. Honestly, I like it, but the print is a little too "conversation-starting" for me. I bought it off the sales comm from another user and have only tried it on. For the brave soul that will wear this cute item, I'll let it go for $25 OBO shipped. Bust is 15" across and waist is 14" across.

Close-up of print
Pic of Bodyline dress on form.
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