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DS: ETC (Grey Pinstripe JSK, Tartan OP, Cutsew x 3, Blue Twill Skirt)

I had ordered a lucky bag (put together not by ETC themselves, but a girl who was cleaning out her closet) on mbok, today it arrived, nothing that fits my style. NOTHING. =(
So I'm selling it again.

x Shipping is from Germany and not included
x Prices are in Euro
x Payment is via PayPal or inner-European bank transfer
x You can always make offers =D
x I got +7 Feedback on the dbs as xninchu, and even more positive feedback on my Shopping Service LJ.
x No holds an no trades, unless you got the 160cm Shirley Temple Skate Girl Skirt in blue or the Bunny Princess in Green.
x ETC items are made in Japan and made with care and love. I've never had any bad experience with their quality.

Emily Temple -150- Grey Pinstripe JSK

This one is really simple, which is why I would've really liked to have it, but it's too small. =( Closes with a zipper in the back and is not shirred.

Bust: ca. 80cm
Waist: 74cm
Overall length: 79cm

70€ OBO

The picture quality is a bit crappy, sorry 'bout that. =( The colour is basically like standard red tartan, more like in the next picture.

It's awfully cute, but I don't like overall-Tartan. It closes with a zipper in the back and has no shirring. The lacing in front can't be completely opened and there's fabric under it, so you can't see through it.

Bust: up to 88cm
Waist: 80cm
Overall Length: 86.5cm

70€ OBO

Blue Twill Skirt

Again, a little colour problem. The twill is ... ocean-blue and white. I really love the pocket detail. =D They're flap pockets (I don't know if they're called that though XD). Again, zipper in the back, no shirring. It has an underskirt attached.

Waist: 74cm
Length: 37cm

50€ OBO

Rose Pattern Cutsew

This rose pattern is so adorable, still it wouldn't fit my body type ;o; Has adorable lace around the collar.

Bust: Unstretched 80cm / stretched 94cm
Length: 52cm

30€ OBO

Blue Ribbon Print Camisole

This one seems to be very loved, the print is not in perfect shape ata all. Other than that it's still in good condition.

Bust: Unstretched 83cm, didn't want to stretch to not hurt the print, but I guess it will be around 90cm
Length: 48.5cm

25€ OBO

Pink Cardigan

Colour is a little lighter than in the picture. Closes with buttons.

Bust: Unstretched 88cm, stretches into infinity (=112cm)
Length: 47.8cm

35€ OBO

Thanks a lot for looking~
Tags: !ds, emily temple cute

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