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DS: BTSSB cutsew, Yosuke and offbrand shoes, Anna house blouses and skirt

All sold thanks~ ^^

Hello! I'm selling a bunch of lolita stuff I have in my closet. Leave a comment w/ the item you would like to purchase, your paypal email address and the country in which you live to find out the shipping costs. Shipping is worldwide from Philadelphia, PA. I use Priority Mail. Thanks for looking ^^

First I have 2 pairs of shoes which I bought in Harajuku 1 year ago. I have only worn them outside for photoshoots so they are in good condition. I paid around $70USD for each pair at the time.

White Shoes brand Yosuke size 23.0

$40 $32 $25.50 $20

Black pair size euro 37:
$40 $32 $25.50

I have 2 Anna House blouses bought a year ago. I have worn each a couple times but they are in good condition with no apparent flaws. The short sleeved blouse has the sleeves shortened because originally they were WAY too poofy.

White Anna House short-sleeved blouse size medium
$30 $24 $20
link to original website picture:



White Anna House long-sleeved blouse size medium
$35 $28 $24
link to original website picture:



I also have a blue Anna House skirt bought 1 year ago and only worn once. Perfect condition! I can't tell what size it is, it is either a small or medium, but it is really stretchy so I don't think it really matters. ._.;
$32 $25.50
link to original website picture:

Lastly I have a bunny-ear Baby cutsew bought half a year ago. I have never worn it out, but tried it on. Bought on Yahoo Japan. It's in good condition but has a little bit of dirt on one of the shoulders, if someone is interested I can probably get rid of the dirt by washing it. :3
$75 $60 $45


Thanks again for looking and have a great day!! :3

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