Kyat (etched) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS Ero Art Posters - One day only!
This is the print you would be buying!

Hi! Since I've done this image i got a lot of requests for prints, and today Deviant Art was lovely enough to do a sale for print artist. What that means is a pretty good sale for you. A 10 × 15 inch matte/glossy/lustre print can be yours for 10$ (For US shoppers, I'm unsure if the cost is more outside of the US) this includes shipping. If you were to buy it direct from DA on your own it would cost 16$+ shipping, so It's really a steal if you actually wanted this print!

If you are interested, all I will need is your paypal, I can invoice you and order these immediately. This is one day only so let me know!

also if there are any other art prints you might like, I will be happy to see if they will work with the DA system :) ( This print is also available for the same size/price )

Tags: !ac, !ds

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