Zoecanfly (zoecanfly) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Pink x white Sidebow Baby/ AP/ offbrand/Commisioned

Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a bow to match a BABY dress I'm going to be recieving lately. I would like a bow similar to these, if not the exact ones :
-Minuet Ribbon hair bow.

I live in England, so I need to know the price of shipping. I need it pretty urgently to be honest. I want the bow to be fairly big and flamboyant, aswell as I really wan't some pretty pearls to decorated on it. Roses would be awesome too. Just something similar to the above. A commissioned bow would be fine too, aslong as it's made like the one's above

I only use Paypal,.

So show me what youve got ^^
Tags: angelic pretty
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