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DS: Thomas Sabo jewelery

Hey, i am selling my Sabo Jewellery. (Sterling Silver)
Its often Lolita like because you can design you necklaces and bracelet your own.
Its a very expensive brand and im selling my stuff for 2/3 less the normal price.

*Im accepting pay pal (everywhere) and bank transfer in europe.
*Im shipping from Germany and France
*I do holds
*Please ask me if you have any questions
* prices are negociable

1 pearl bracelet in size S : 12 Euro (the little ring is to adjust the charms)
Capricorn: 15 Euro
18 with clover: 10 Euro
Muffin: 15 Euro (wurde von Sabo aus der Kollektion genommen)
Shoe: 10 Euro
Lipstick: 10 Euro
Hero-Sign: sold

Zirkonia Steinchen Carrier: sold
Big Carrier with 3 different long chains for big Charms: 15 Euro
Little Carrier: 5 Euro

Here im selling my jewelery box.
Its one, who is not sold in the usual stores, because it a part of deco.
It has 3 drawers, the lower drawer has little spaces for charms.

id like to have 30 euro for it + shipping
(i dont know how high the shipping will be because of the form of the box.

Key with white Zirkonia: (some scratches) 50 Euro
Rock Cristal: (new) : 40 Euro
Feather:(new): 30 Euro

Thank you for looking ^^

my older sales:


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